Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hoya's IT Division Attains Increased Profit

See Hoya's quarterly report for their investors ended Q1/2011:-

Page 3 of the report is related to photographic products, quoted:-




Below is my own translation to English:-

"<Imaging Related Products>

With the growth of emerging markets in the world, the number of units of sales of digital cameras has been increasing. The company has continuously received orders on the supply of camera lenses and optical elements that are used in digital cameras and full production capability has been met. Besides, the sales of non-interchangeable lens digital camera and entry level DSLR have been good, of which the latter also leads to the better sales of interchangeable lenses in terms of number of units sold, when compared to the same period in the last fiscal year.

In summary, the net sales of (the whole IT and communications division) is in 208,735 Million (Japanese) Yens, which has a 3.9% increase than that of the last fiscal year in the same period. In term of net income (before tax), which is in a total of 3,656 Million Yens, is of a 12.3% increase than the last year."

So, do note that the sales and net income increases are not for the camera business (i.e., Pentax imaging products) alone but for the *whole* division of IT and communications of Hoya. Moreover, it seems that the sales of K-5 is not good, as it indicates.

Btw, even assuming the sales of Pentax cameras and lenses are also better and the camera business is really profitable by itself, what real benefit(s) are actually materialised for we Pentaxians?? A new K-r firmware to cure the K-r tungsten light front focusing problem (not necessary low light, but just *only* tungsten!). I know many of the K-r users have been pissed off actually and I can see the complaints almost daily and those victims are desperate (today's examples here). Besides, will there be any new Pentax lenses, new cameras, Full Frame or IDLC or just DSLR?! Where are those? When will they come?! Any updated roadmap?? :-o >:-(


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