Monday, September 23, 2013

Camera Name K-3 Accidentially Leaked at the Official Ricoh's Japanese Website!

The following is the Official Japanese PPG (Pentax Photo Gallery), it once shown the name of K-3, together with the name of the "K-5 series", for photo submission under the same camera category! :-o

Via: (in Japanese)

Well, the picture was shortly deleted and reverted back now, where only appears the name K-5 series. However, the leaked picture with the original html code with the name of K-3 are captured! (Good job, man!) It surely is NOT a typo this time as the K-30 also appeared at the same time at the adjacent left, as the other category of Pentax' DSLR cameras!

So, the K-3 must be true this time. It is No More Rumour! It is really *Official*! :-D

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