Sunday, September 22, 2013

Latest K-3 Technical Details (from my Trustable Source)

So, the last rumoured K-3 thing while is true but not exact. Of course, I believe my source. Here we go! :-D

Ricoh Pentax K-3: 24MP APS-C Sensor, Hardware AA Filter-less, Software AA Filter, PRIME III Image Processor, 86k RGB Segmented Light Metering with -3EV Sensitivity, 27-Point AF with -3EV Sensitivity, 8.5 Maximum FPS (Tentative), 4 Stop SR, 100% 0.95X Optical Viewfinder, Fixed Air-gapless LCD, Built-in Interval Shooting up to 2000 Frames and Internal Video Composite, MPEG4 AVC/H.264 Full HD 30p/60i Video, New Stereo Phone-out Monitor Jack, 3 User Modes, USB 3.0, 800g, US$1299.99 Body Only.

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