Thursday, September 05, 2013

Breaking News! Pentax "K-3" is "Weeks Away" to Come, Said Adam Oest of the Pentax Forums!!


The following are what told and posted today!

"With the announcement of the K-3 supposedly just weeks away, I would think that they've probably already finalized most if not all of the hardware."

"For all we know it might not even end up being called the K-3! I doubt Pentax would make two back-to-back announcements given that the hd limiteds came out a week ago."

And I have captured the evidence ;-), just because Adam usually liked to delete even his own "sensitive" posts afterwards, but not only for those written by other ordinary members! :-o

So, let's wait and see for what the new "K-3" will be! But very likely we shall yet see yet another APS-C body, maybe with a new 24MP cropped sensor? And finally! >:-|

Btw, for what it is clearly told, the announcement will not be today. A few hours later, we shall only see that new "360" DC toy.


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