Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Rumours: Upcoming K-3 and New Lens

Read this post at the Japanese Kakaku Forum written by a Japanese Pentaxian who has heard some secrets from the dealer, for the following:

- The K-3 will be announced near end October.
- 20MP APS-C sensor, possibly made by Sony.
- AA filter less.
- 100% viewfinder at 1.0X.
- Black body marketed first, followed by Silver colour later, first marketed at around 120,000 Japanese Yens (i.e., US$1200) for the body-only price, no kit.

And then also another rumour from yet another poster for additional information:

- New camera (K-3) will be on show at Salon de la Photo at Paris from 7 to 11 November at Paris.
- New DA 18-70 F2.8 lens will be announced together.

So, assuming these rumours are true, are you excited, or actually just much pissed off?? Well, I would just buy the $298 Sony A3000 kit myself right away, of which the body is having the same Sony new sensor inside, which IMHO is the main selling point of the new "K-3"! >:-(


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