Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is this Price of the DA 21 Real?


Amazon lists only 1 unit of the DA 21 left and they ask for (US)$1,052.13 for this unit! What? Is it real or just an error?? But anyway, this price is insane!

But anyway, for anyone who selects the item and then purchases online, they would possibly pay this cost, which is almost doubled the selling price of the same lens at B&H.

In my city, the current street prices of the DA 21 are all at around at (US)$550, whilst back to July, it costed only $420. There has been an increase of $130, or by 31%, within two months! Crazy enough?

I guess Pentax/Hoya has almost forgot that their DA lenses are APS-C cropped afterall. All of the wide angle DA primes and zooms cannot be used on Full Frame (see this Illustration). Btw, recently there has been a rumour talking about there will be a Pentax Full Frame DSLR by the end of next year and I do believe a Full Frame Pentax DSLR body will still come later if they can survive. With the old prices, I still have some hesitation to invest just because of this FF compatibility concern. Now, I would almost forget to get any new DA lenses from now on, for those silly new prices being asked and also for the poor QC of the DA Limited lenses I experienced as well (even when I once had the implusion to buy one).

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