Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ken Rockwell's Leica M9 Samples (Full Size)

Further to my previous report on the new Leica M9, here is the latest news update: Ken Rockwell has posted some brand new M9 samples, taken with his various old Leica lenses!

Wow, the Image Quality is really impressive, I have to admit. The optical quality of the lenses have yet once again shown to be excellent and the new body does produce very good results.

I have to say I am super jealous of Leica users who are now having the option of putting their old film lenses onto a Full Frame digital body - just look how Ken Rockwell put his 39-year old standard 50mm and took the picture! And it remains a 50mm lens! Now, all of their lenses are given new lives and actually re-born. I just wonder when are all those old Pentax film lenses (many of which are excellent) owned by all those old-school K-mount users and Pentaxians over the world can be re-born. And, hopefully even there will be one (a Full Frame Pentax DSLR body), the K-mount in it will NOT be a crippled one! Oh, no... please.. But also, only if Pentax the brand and system will survive..! (How long and will it? Who will be the next to own "Pentax"? And, will the next owner just simply drops the brand like what Sony did to (Konica-)Minolta??)

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