Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Plenty of K-x Full-size Samples, Production Firmware


Just view the above album and you can find them all! Outdoor and indoor, low ISOes and high ISOes, including 6400 shot (an example here - Warning: Large file, click will download!).

Well, what I would say I am not impressed with those samples. Colours are odd and many of the images are not sharp (blurry and with low resolution). Moreover, purple fringing has now come back as a more serious problem, see this example (Warning: Large file, click will download). I just hope that it is just owing to the "user's errors" or he is just a really "bad photographer" (as those defensive but offensive Pentax fanboys always talk about and I'd better use their usual terms! LOL..). But anyway, I think it is unlikely to be the case. It seems that the IQ of the K-x isn't that great at all, so far from all those full-size original K-x sample photos that have been posted.

But one thing is for sure, the noise control of the K-x is excellent. Just see how little noise the above 6400 shot is. I am sure it will blow the K-7 out of the water too easily in this regard.

As far as other IQ aspects, I am afraid that the K-m should be far better. So my humble recommendation is that if you just want a *Pentax* DSLR as a photographic tool, get the K-m now as the price has started to drop and as long as the remaining stock lasts.

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