Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Korean K-x Special Page

Well, there is no new nor special information over there but I think the presentation is nice!

The girl and product photos are very nice but from the EXIF (if any preserved for some of the photos) I can see that these are not taken with Pentax gear but just a Kodak FF DSLR anyway.

The sample movie clips are in Flash format. They look nice for the colours and sharpness I would say but there is some jumpiness. It is actually unknown for whether it is caused by format conversion loss for dropped frames or the source video clips are just like that, nevertheless.

Update (10-17):

Sample K-x photos uploaded at the Korean site:- ... esc=asc&no=5787 ... esc=asc&no=5794 ... esc=asc&no=5820

Well, those are downsized and without any EXIF data. But what I want to say is those pictures are looking . . . . really nice!

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