Monday, September 20, 2010

K-5 Vs K-7 AF-C Speed / Frame Rate Head-to-Head Comparison

Hoya claims that the K-5 has an improved-speed AF system (together with a higher continuous shooting rate on specs as well). Let's see how the new K-5 is compared to the old K-7 below!


The same lens is used, but unfortunately it's a Sigma. The cameras were put into AF-C mode (with automatic 11 points) with Continuous Frame Shooting mode at Hi speed. The *effective* frame rate are summarised at the end of the video clip, which I re-type here:-

K-5 (frame rate priority)
K-5 (focus priority)
1.9 fps
3.9 fps
3.4 fps

However, the tester didn't count and hasn't shown us the successful rate of images that are being in-focus against the failure rate of being out, which I think is just also very important. Btw, we can wildly assume that the results of the two cameras are equal, first.

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