Monday, June 20, 2011

As the ILDC World Turns..

Further to the last report of the new features of the new NEX-C3, some of which would be implemented in the new firmware update of the NEX-3/5, this evening, all the NEX registered users including me have just received an email notice about the new NEX firmware, which points to the firmware download link with brief description about the new firmware. (Well, Sony is doing a better customer support job here!)

I shall update my NEX soon to try out the interesting peaking feature for manual focusing shortly. I hope also that the underexposure issue when using manual lenses stopped down should be eliminated with the new firmware and I shall check about it. In comparison, my Pana Girl Friend did not have such an issue on the day one! :-(

On the other front, Olympus' new m43 bodies, including the new Pen Mini E-PM1 (1 o'clock in the afternoon? ;-D), will come very soon too. The PM1 seems to be quite compact, just see the comparison leaked photos from the 43 Rumors below:-

(Above: Oly E-PM1 Vs XZ-1)

So, under this fierce competition, could the upcoming Pentax mirrorlesses survive? :-o

Update (6-21): I have just completed the firmware update of my NEX-3 and tried the "peaking function", it works like a charm! Manual focusing with MF lenses could never be so easy and accurate! Yes, it is very accurate and now MF is super fast, indeed no magnified view is required anymore - when the peaking shows it is at the peak, even zoomed in to 14X shows that it is correct! Nice done, bravo, Sony! My hats off!!

As for the exposure accuracy when using manual lenses stopped down, for what I have quickly checked, I could say Sony has silently resolved that issue to most extent, too! :-D

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