Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real-World Performance of the Sony Sensor Used in the Q (Image and Video Quality)

Engadget reviewed the Casio Tryx (Exilim EX-TR100) last month:-

I am almost sure that the Tryx uses the same Sony sensor (12.75MP BSI 1/2.3" CMOS) as the Pentax Q. Putting aside the major specifications similarity, another strong evidence for the same sensor is that the Tryx supports a 240 fps high-speed video capture mode (in addition to the 1080p/30 FHD mode), which is an unique feature of that Sony IMX078 sensor used in the Q.

And, the Tryx supports ISO speeds from 100 to 3200, which is also close enough to the Q.

In the above Engadget review, there are samples of those 1080p video uploaded to the YouTube as well as a bundle of downsized still picture samples, of which most of them were taken outdoor on bright days whereas there are two indoor samples, one is still picture sample and the other is a sample video clip. Below are quotes of the Engadget comments about the (IQ of the) camera, quoted:-

"Image quality
The 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor does predictably well in broad daylight. Colors were generally sharp and crisp, and for a sub-$250 point-and-shoot, we really had no qualms with our results. Once the light starts fading, however, it has a difficult time snapping a usable image free of blur."

"It's pretty obvious that still images aren't this camera's forte, but it certainly does a better job with 'em while also handling 1080p video than any of Flip Video's (
now-defunct) camcorders ever did. Have a gander in the gallery below to get a feel for the image quality -- just so you know, these are completely untouched aside from a resize."

"It did a laudable job of capturing hues and tone on challenging scenery at some of America's most stunning National Parks. Are we talking DSLR-quality? Hardly, but remember that the MSRP on this is but $250, and it's already selling for $229 at a smattering of reputable e-tailers."

Okay, at this point, I guess some people will start to say that it's a Casio but not a Pentax nor it's the Q and that the Casio is being sold much cheaper and so on.. But, so what? Will Pentax do a miracle? As usual, I blog and let you decide! Last but not least, be remember to have some inspection on the 3 video sample clips, you'll learn more about the quality of the Full HD video produced by this Sony sensor, at the bright and in the dark (note the picture quality of the video frames as well as the motion smoothness).

Continue to read on the Part II..


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