Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Pentax Q Announced!

Dpreview previewed:-

The pop up flash look funny and special, recall me of those lift-up cage on trucks for highway/road maintenance! ;-D

A side-by-side size comparison to the NEX-C3:-

The shutter is inside lens:-

The new Q lenses (2 Auto, 3 Manual "Toy" fixed aperture "low-cost" lenses):-

The official specifications of these lenses in details can be found at the Japanese homepage of Pentax:-

High-performance Series Unique Series
Product Name PENTAX-01
Lens Mount PENTAX Q (Metal mount) PENTAX Q (Plastic mount)
Flange Focal Length * 9.2mm
Lens Construction 8 elements in
5 groups
8 elements in
7 groups
6 elements in
5 groups
4 elements in
3 groups
3 elements in
3 groups
Angle of View 49.5° 76.0° - 29.0° 160° 64° 24.5°
Focal Length
(in 35mm format)
5mm - 15mm
Aperture F1.9 F2.8 - F4.5 F5.6 F7.1 F8
Diaphragm Control Automatic Fixed
Lens Shutter O -
ND Filter O -
SP (Super Protect) Coating O -
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.2m 0.3m
(whole zoom area)
0.09m 0.07m 0.27m
Maximum Magnification approx. 0.05x approx. 0.06x approx. 0.06x approx. 0.15x approx. 0.08x
Filter Diameter 40.5mm Not compatible
Maximum Diameter 45.5mm 48.5mm 40.6mm 40.6mm 40.6mm
Minimum Length 23.0mm 48.0mm 30.5mm 25.0mm 19.5mm
Weight approx. 37g approx. 96g approx. 29g approx. 21g approx. 18g
Hood MH-RA 40.5mm
PH-SBA 40.5mm
Not compatible

The prices of the lens as shown in the Japanese Pentax Online Shop are as follows:-

01 STANDARD PRIME Bundled (Body + 01 Lens = ¥69,800) (US$872.5)
02 STANDARD ZOOM¥24,800 (US$310)
03 FISH EYE¥9,800 (US$122.5)
04 TOY LENS WIDE¥5,980 (US$74.75)
05 TOY LENS TELE PHOTO¥5,980 (US$74.75)

Besides, the optical viewfinder accessory O-VF1 is asked for ¥19,800 (US$247.5)

And, other official pages about the Pentax Q are as follows:-

Pentax Q Special Site (Japanese):

The Pentax Q Introduction and Full Specs:

Yet, there is another preview with hands-on video at Engadget with more product images:-

You can see clearly the tiny sensor and the look and design of the new Q-mount in the above video.

In addition, the Akihabara News also had a similar hands-on report with video:-

Finally, Ned has a larger official family photo for the Pentax Q (which could not be found elsewhere so far!):-

Last but not least, the IR has pixel-peeped the Q, already!
[Update (6-25): All samples have been withdrawn upon the request from Pentax. :-(]

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