Friday, June 10, 2011

Photozone DA*300 Test (on K-5)

It seems that the old F*/FA* should be a better lens optically, as the resolution difference is not as large as that of the DA40 and DA70 for what we could find when the last times Klaus re-tested the DA40 and 70 (here and here):-
(Lab results of previous PZ FA*300 test on a K10D)

Also, the F/FA*300 is virtually 100% distortion free, which is close to perfect in this aspect. More importantly, with a more compact size and less weight, I would undoubtedly to choose the F*/FA* over DA if I had to choose. The less than a half-stop faster in the maximum lens speed is something that I can give up for all the advantages mentioned above. Nevertheless, I had my F*300 for long anyway.

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