Saturday, June 25, 2011

How is the PQ of the Pentax Q?

Below are the official illustration and comparisons about the PQ (Picture Quality) of the Pentax Q (called P-Q thereafter) against other cameras, as shown in one of the press conference at Japan, namely, the "Product D" and "Product E", for the ISO 200 and two ISO 6400 shots on the test target:-

(N.B.: I hope the Red Dot in the above Pentax Q Image is NOT a Hot Pixel! :-o)

I don't know what the products "D" and "E" are actually, I guess nobody even knows whether these are the products of Pentax or not, I think the comparisons are just intended to show that the PQ of the P-Q is good enough.

On the other hand, on the day of when the Pentax Q was announced after embargo had ended, the IR posted immediately their ISO measurbating samples at the following page of their P-Q preview:-

However, the samples have been shortly withdrawn under the pressure of Pentax, as it is told in the above page, quoted:-

"We'd like to offer our apologies for taking down our page of half-resolution sample images from the Pentax Q; we received notice after publication that Pentax didn't want even reduced-resolution images from the Q prototype displayed, and we naturally respect their wishes."

In fact, I have previously gone through some of the samples and what I want to say is that the PQ of the P-Q is not bad by the DC standard but of course it is nothing that can be compared to the larger sensor ILDC systems nor DSLRs.

Besides, sometimes I just wonder, why Pentax/Hoya needs to be so conservative about the posting of the "unapproved" stuff. I still recall that Dpreview has posted so many times for the full size samples from many beta cameras including those from Canon and Sony. What to be afraid of and about? Simple ask the reviewers to make a remark for what posted are from beta cameras - end of case!

Update (6-26): Someone at the DPR Forum has previously made a comparison between the P-Q, NEX and the S95, the picture is self-explanatory. See:-

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