Tuesday, May 08, 2012

DC Resource K-01 Review: Pentax QC Disaster!



"I want to expand on my experiences with Pentax quality control (or lack of it). The weeks I spent with the K-01 were frustrating. My original K-01 would produce out-of-focus photos about 50% of the time, with multiple lenses. I exchanged it for a second body, which did not have that issue."

And five out of seven individual lenses (same or different models) tested have de-centering defect and produced blurry photos as a result once the de-centering defect came into play! What?! My Pardon?? >:-o

"Unless I've had an incredible run of bad luck, it seems that quality control at Pentax needs some work. Having a defective camera body and two brand new de-centered lenses is not what I'd expect from them. If you get a lens that is properly built and calibrated, then you'll get very nice results. If something seems amiss, however, keep exchanging it until you're happy."

Btw, ISO samples are also provided, with that rare 'problem-less" DA40XS kit lens.

And, their conclusion may not be that favourable neither, even if the user finally gets a K-01 body with some Pentax lenses with no defect! :-(

"The K-01 is, by far, the largest mirrorless ILC on the market, due to its native support for K-mount lenses. It's about as large as an entry-level D-SLR, which sort of defeats the purpose of being mirrorless in the first place. It's shaped a lot like a brick.."

"Camera performance is where the K-01 starts to fall behind the competition. The camera starts up fast enough (in just over a second), assuming that you've turned off the startup screen. It's the K-01's autofocus speeds that are its weak point."

"If you read the introduction to this review then you know that I had some frustrating experiences with the K-01 and several lenses. It took two K-01 bodies and seven lenses to complete this review -- double what was expected."

After all, it seems that despite that now Pentax lens prices are "great", their QC is yet not that great. So, my last hope for Ricoh to improve is now proven to be in vain. Bad! :-(

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