Friday, May 18, 2012

Latest Interview with the CEO of Pentax Ricoh

(Noboru Akabane, President/CEO of Pentax Ricoh Imaging; Photo Credit: Fuji Sankei Business Eye)
(in Japanese)

The Key Points:-

1. Company is studying on how to explore new emerging markets like Russia and India;

2. The brand of "Pentax" and "Ricoh" will co-exist and the "GR" series will continue (So, AP's "insider source" was wrong);

3. Plan to expand the sales of the whole camera business to 700 billion* Japanese Yens and double the total sales in 2011 by 100% by 2013;

4. Will continue to put more focus in Asia markets in particular Thailand and Malaysia. It is believed that the markets in developed countries like North America and Europe are well established before the merge;

5. Pentax' net total sales in the fiscal year of 2011 is about 300 billion* Japanese Yens whilst Ricoh's net sales was in tens of billions. However, the exact figure for Ricoh's sales was not disclosed.

*N.B. One Billion means 100 Millions, i.e., 100,000,000, in Japanese, for direct translation of the original news article.

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