Monday, May 07, 2012

K-01 Bug/Improvement List and Lousy Image Engine

See what this careful K-01 user found and reported:-

Most of his findings are confirmed or agreed by yet another K-01 user in reply:-

Amongst all the above, I think the lack of focus peaking under video recording/movie mode is a real issue and would cause much inconvenience when using MF for video recording. This should be a hardware limitation I believe, e.g., not enough processing power or lack of additional hardware resource(s) for simultaneous processing and etc. Btw, my old NEX was capable to support this on day one.

Besides, the image engine of the K-01 is found to be lousy and inferior, at least when it is compared to the OM-D E-M5:-

So, here we go..

ISO 200 RAW:-

ISO 200 JPEG:-

ISO 3200 JPEG:-

Another ISO 3200 JPEG:-

Well, the K-01 is completely knocked out! :-(

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