Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Breaking Bad News! Crazy Price Increases of Pentax Lenses with Immediate Effect!

The official US prices of almost all of the current digital lenses have been raised and the increase can be up to nearly 90%, with immediate effect! See what the PF has summarised in the above, copied as below (and I've added the percentage increase, if applicable):-

Lens Name
Price Before
Price After
Percentage Increase
DA 14mm $699.95 $949.95+35.7%
DA 15mm Limited $509.95 $649.95+27.5%
DA 21mm Limited $509.95 $649.95+27.5%
FA 31mm Limited $989.95 $989.95No Change
DA 35mm $169.95 $219.95+29.4%
DA 35mm Limited Macro $539.95 $699.95+29.6%
FA 35mm $475.95 $475.95No Change
DA 40mm Limited $339.95 $499.95+47.1%
DA 40mm XS $249.95 $249.95No Change
FA 43mm Limited $569.95 $569.95No Change
FA 50mm $359.95 $359.95No Change
D-FA 50mm Macro $459.95 $559.95+21.7%
DA* 55mm $639.95 $799.95+25%
DA 70mm Limited $544.95 $699.95+28.4%
FA 77mm Limited $784.95 $784.95No Change
D-FA 100mm Macro $599.95 $849.95+41.7%
DA* 200mm $959.95 $1199.95+25%
DA* 300mm $1124.95 $1399.95+24.4%
DA 10-17mm Fisheye $519.95 $649.95+25%
DA 12-24mm $699.95 $699.95No Change
DA 16-45mm $339.95 $399.95+17.6%
DA* 16-50mm $799.95 $1499.95+87.5%
DA 17-70mm $479.95 $599.95+25%
DA 18-55mm $145.95 $195.95+34.2%
DA 18-135mm $429.95 $529.95+23.3%
DA* 50-135mm $849.95 $1599.95+88.2%
DA 50-200mm $209.95 $249.95+19%
DA 55-300mm $349.95 $429.95+22.8%
DA* 60-250mm $1295.95 $1999.95+54.3%

This is insane after all! Actually, WHAT do THEY want to do??! >:-( Ricoh must have gone nuts and I'm afraid that they have created a new dark age in the history of Pentax, ever! WHO are going to buy their extremely expensive lenses? It is not even mentioned about the yet current weak marketing position of Pentax! Too bad..! @_@

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