Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K-01 AF Speed Tests with 16 Different K-mount Lenses

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFBnraiK0A0)

Via http://forum.pentaxfans.net/thread-124538-1-1.html
(in Traditional Chinese)

The user tested 17 lenses, first a K135 lens for the MF focus peaking beforehand, and then the other 16 AF lenses in K-mount (13 Pentaxes, 3 Sigmas) for speed and check the performance and reliability. At the very beginning of the test video, a side-by-side physical comparison to the K-r was also done.

I translate his summary of the results as follows:-

FA28mmF2.8.....Very Fast
DA21mmF3.2.....Very Fast
DA40mmF2.8.....Very Fast

DA35mmF2.8 Macro.....Fast, Long Running Span
FA28mmF2.8 Soft.....Fast, but Easy to Fail (to Focus)
DA*55mmF1.4.....Fast, Long Running Span
DA*200mmF2.8.....Fast, Long Running Span

FA*300mmF2.8.....Average Speed, Long Running Span
DA100mmF2.8WR Macro.....Average Speed, Long Running Span (I think it is already rather Slow!)

SIGMA180mmF3.5 Macro.....Slow, Long Running Span

FA28-105mmF3.2-4.5.....Below 50mm: Fast, Becoming Slower and Slower when approaching 105
DA17-70mmF4.....50mm: Fast, at 70mm: Slow

DA*300mmF4.....Very Slow, and Incompatible/Unstable with the Body, Often Fail to Focus and the K-01 Body Hanged Up(!)

Actually, someone and Steve Huff had reported about the K-01 hang-up cases before. Now it seems that it is NOT an isolated issue. And, it should be noted that the problem is repeatable, as verified and confirmed by two different K-01 users by now. Hopefully this is a bug that can be corrected via firmware and Pentax should provide this firmware update soonest.


Bug Report: Repeatable K-01 Crash

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