Thursday, November 22, 2012

DxOMark for K-5II is Out

Same overall score as the K-5, but with slightly better sub-scores. All in all, no big differences.

Still, I am quite sceptical to those DxOMark results. As it is stated, the K-5 and K-5II is one mark ahead of the Canon 5D MkIII, which I also have. I have been using both cameras extensively for months already up till now. In practice, I yet found the 5D3 is better in IQ than the K-5 in almost every aspect, except the DR, which the DxOMark test result for this should be true. Btw, here are two old head-to-head tests of mine between the two cameras. Go figure out yourself!

1. My 5D3 Vs K-5 Realworld Shootout

2. 5D3 Vs K-5 ISO Shootout (100 to 25600)

In particular, the red colour smear of the K-5 images is so obvious and its sensor and image engine combo is just unable to handle these situations well, whilst the 5D3 performs far better in similar cases. The 5D3 also wins in more detailed and accurate colour rendition and in resolution, too, of course.

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