Thursday, November 01, 2012

A PF Comparison Quick Review: 650D/T4i Vs D5100 Vs K-30

I don't think this review is detailed enough, nor it it is professionally compiled with a higher standard that most readers nowadays would expect.There is yet no sample picture of any for any of these cameras under review. So, it is not much better than a casual textural review on those public review online sites after all. But as there are not much Pentax reviews out these days, I think I would still report and point to it:-

In particular, there are a few comparison crops in the IQ section of the review, just have a look on these by clicking the larger images if you still want to.

Also, I think now the PF just wants to include referral product links of the other brands like C and N to their sponsors (e.g., B&H) in their website as far as possible since it seems that they could not earn enough money just solely rely on those Pentax gear these days. Well, it is obvious that what they have been doing, for quite some time now.

In fact, more than two years ago, an online marketing rep of B&H contacted me before for suggesting "co-operation" between they and I, i.e., to include product links of theirs in return of something for me. I declined their suggestion and offer as I believe that my website should be purely non-commercial, no matter how.

Besides, at the first glance of the above modelling photo of the PF, it looks quite familiar somehow. Oh, that's actually my usual style of shooting those different camera bodies side by side at my Blog, e.g.:-

Via: Finally, I am Done! :-D

Well, I guess Adam and his guys must also often visit my Blog so that I have brain-washed them somehow!~ Nope? ;-D

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