Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twelve Years of 135 Full Frame Digital Cameras (Timeline 2012->2000)

Reference Source: Dpreview Digital Camera Timeline and individual camera pages.

TimeCameraResolution (in MP)Sensor MakeScreen Size (in Inch)
Sep-2012Canon EOS 6D20.2Canon3
Sep-12Leica M Typ 24024.0Cmosis3
Sep-12Leica M-E Typ 22018.0Truesense2.5
Sep-12Nikon D60024.3Sony3.2
Sep-12Sony RX1 (Fixed Lens)24.3Sony3
Sep-12Sony A9924.3Sony3
Sep-12Sony NEX-VG90024.3Sony3
May-12Leica M-Monochrom18.0Truesense2.5
Mar-12Canon EOS 5D Mark III *22.3Canon3.2
Feb-12Nikon D800/E36.3Sony3.2
Jan-12Nikon D416.2Nikon3.2
Oct-11Canon EOS-1D X18.1Canon3.2
Jun-11Leica M-9P18.0Truesense2.5
Oct-09Nikon D3S12.1Nikon3
Sep-09Leica M-918.0Kodak2.5
Aug-09Sony A85024.6Sony3
Dec-08Nikon D3X24.5Sony3
Sep-08Canon EOS 5D Mark II21.0Canon3
Sep-08Sony A90024.6Sony3
Jul-08Nikon D70012.1Nikon3
Aug-07Nikon D312.1Nikon3
Aug-07Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III21.1Canon3
Aug-05Canon EOS 5D *12.7Canon2.5
Sep-04Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II16.6Canon2
Mar-04Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c13.5Kodak1.8
Feb-04Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n13.5Kodak2
Sep-02Canon EOS-1Ds11.0Canon2
Sep-02Kodak DCS Pro 14n13.7Kodak2
Feb-01Pentax MR-52 (Never Marketed)6.0Philips2
Jul-2000Contax N Digital6.0Philips2
* My Purchased Models

There are a total of 30 models (29 marketed) and 2012 is really the Year of 135 Full Frame digital cameras in which 11 new models have been rolled out! Btw, let's see if we could at least hear some news of a Pentax FF within 2013! >:-o

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