Monday, November 26, 2012

6th Anniversary of My Blog

One more year has elapsed and today is the 6th anniversary of my Blog!

I have been a Pentax user since 1988 and up till now I have been using the Pentax K-mount system for over twenty-four years (before that I was using a Canon). And the amount of time which I have contributed to the Pentax community via my this Blog is only a quarter of my whole time with Pentax.

During these six years, I have seen the rises and falls of some Pentax blogs, which the owners of the blogs have stopped updated theirs for some reasons, no matter how, but a common reason was that they actually switched. Fortunately, I am still here to "serve" the community. I am glad that Pentax is still alive and yet I am supporting the brand as long as Pentax is at least producing something that I am finding them useful and with some values and meanings to me.

As for the "popularity" and amount of traffic to my Blog, this is what the Statcounter shows, for the Yearly roundup:-

So, 2012 is the year with most visits (for more than one million) since the birth and launch of my Blog. I think the above recorded numbers are accurate as the Google data for Blogger generally tallies with the above, but with even a bit more of the traffic counts. I am not completely sure if it is because of that more people are interested in the Pentax gear or that I have gained more and more readership amongst the Pentax community. But from the referral (links) reports that I have been inspecting, I think the latter should be true.

Anyway, I still hope that Pentax will market a FF K-mount DSLR in the next year, which is what I have been waiting for ten years now, since my first *ist D! There is still hope, right? :-)

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