Friday, November 02, 2012

Japanese Mirrorless Market Share 2012 (Up to October, BCN Data)
(in Japanese)

The cyan blue coloured line is for the share of the Pentax mirrorless cameras, which is a steady of above 5% throughout the year with the best results in October. However, with the introduction of the EOS-M, Pentax is yet once again the player who comes last as the EOS-M sales has quickly surpassed all the Pentax mirrorless sales as a whole!

As for the market leader in September and October, Olympus is still the winner and then followed by Sony and then Panasonic as the 1st and 2nd runner-ups. It can be seen from the Chart that Pana's place was taken over by Sony back to August, before that Pana is the 1st runner-up holder in the Japanese mirrorless market.

So, you may be curious for what contributes to the slight rise of market share of those Pentax mirrorlesses, nevertheless? I think it is solely because of the recent cut-throat strategy of Pentax Ricoh, see the latest Japanese prices of those Pentaxes and you will realise why!
(in Japanese, all price displayed are in Japanese Yens, model names are shown in table.)

But I just wonder, how long Pentax Ricoh can sustain with such ridiculously low throat-cutting prices of their products? :-o

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