Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friendly Reminder: Backup/Migrate Your Google Reader Subscription Data Now! (If Not Yet..)

The Google Reader will soon disappear and be out of service within two weeks. I have been lazy enough to do my own migration to Feedly just a few minutes ago!

As for how to migrate from Google Reader to Feedly, here is a tutorial:-

In short, just download the Feedly plugin for your browser from, run it and you will see this starting page:-

Follow the rest of the instructions and your migration will be completed shortly. Actually, the whole process is quick, simple and painless! :-D

Last minute I've checked, I have about 1,000 RSS feed subscribers for my Blog and nearly 3/4 of them are still using Google Reader, see the following summary captured from my FeedBurner:-

So, if you are one of them, act fast, and do the backup now, before it is too late! :-)

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