Monday, June 10, 2013

Rumour: Pentax Q-7

See this latest rumour about the "upcoming" Pentax Q-7:-

The new Q-7 will be in Q-mount (of course) but will incorporate a larger 1/1.7" sensor, source of "leaked" information from the Japanese (Google-translated), which should be reliable enough for their past track records.

Btw, the Q-mount actually could accommodate a 1/1.7" sensor, yet with the possibility of the in-body SR, see my previous illustration below:-

Above: The Q-mount and possible sensor sizes; Original posted:

So, what will happen with the original Q lenses then? Well, suppose the image circle is large enough to cover, the 01 "standard prime" lens will become a 35mm standard wide (135 film wise) and the 02 "standard zoom" will become a 21-63mm lens, which I don't think the image circle is large enough for the wide side. Thus, that explains why we saw a new standard zoom patent from Pentax Ricoh before, with a 1/1.7" image circle, details here.


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