Thursday, June 13, 2013

More K-50 and Q7 Stuff at

1. The colour simulator (with matching for a few lens models) for the K-50:-

Meanwhile, this is the classic desert military colour that I have made:-

Note that the DA"L" 18-135 WR lens should be a typo. From the photo of the lens, it should be the old DA 18-135 WR lens, just!

2. Next, there is also a Q7 colour simulator:-

Note that now the P-Q 01 prime lens has 20 colours, including the original silver one.

3. The Q7 can be bought as a set. This "special edition" set is made available at the Japanese home market only, for a total of 1,000 sets:-


Remark: EXIF shows that the above official picture was taken with a Canon TS-E 90mm/2.8 lens on a Canon DSLR!! :-o ;-p

So, one can get the Q7 with the 01 to 07 lenses altogether at one-go! A P-Q bag as shown in the above will be bundled as the gift.

4.The P-Q 07 "mount shield lens" is officially announced:-

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