Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Q7 Vs Q10 Sensor Size Compared (Animated Image)

With the leaked image from Digicame Info of the Q7 and the old Q10 image from Pentax Imaging, I have made this:-

How much "bigger" is the new sensor? Your take! :-)

Besides, after almost half a year, the Pentax Q-mount body cap lens will be marketed very soon! Well, they really needed another six months to make it come true since their last/first product announcement?! >:-o

Via Digicame Info.

This is actually what I built myself for my Pentax APS-C camera last year, for a true pinhole body cap lens without any glass (in contrast to this Q lens). Besides, the AF360FGZII still haven't seen any light to be marketed soon. So, where has it gone?!

What an efficient company that Pentax Ricoh has been!!

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