Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sony RX100 II Announced

Will you consider this instead of the new Ricoh GR or Pentax Q7, or even over the old Pentax MX-1? Undoubtedly, the RX100 II is far more versatile and it compromises well for its features set, performance, sensor size, camera size, image quality and then the price! Well, it does support an EVF and has a flipped monitor, too!

In fact, as a current Q user, I do not consider the Q7 anymore, which is not a real upgrade for me. The RX100 II seems to be a much better combo than the Q7 with a 02 zoom lens. And, last time I inspected the Q7 samples, the corner performance of the Q7 images with the original 01 prime lens is actually not that good.

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