Friday, June 14, 2013

Yet Another Rumour: More Pentax DSLRs to Come This Fall

Roland Mabo, the long-time Pentax Internet supporter, has recently posted this rumour at the PF:-

This is the key statement that told: "In fall 2010 Ricoh bought the camera division of Pentax, and with this came big resources for development of new products. Now we can see the first fruits of this. Two new DSLR's at the same time, and this fall there's more on the way."

But then I really don't feel excited even what is told will happen! It is because that "two new" cameras could mean nothing at all, as we have just seen with the K-50 and K-500, which is actually the same old K-30 but split and repackaged! >:-( Maybe Pentax Ricoh finally took my little advice about the coffin looks of their DSLRs and finally decided to repack them soonest as a result! Thank you, PR!! ;-D

Btw, do you really want a K-5III with only a different outlook but 99% same things inside?! :-o

Where are all those new Pentax K-mount lenses? Do they exist? They have all disappeared! Just check against their last lens roadmap which has not been updated for quite some time now and you will soon discover that the listed new lenses on the roadmap are simply paperware! The WR editions of the "new" DAL lenses are not really anything new, neither are the newly coloured DAL kit zooms and the Q 01 02 lenses. The only new lens in this recent product announcement is only the Q 07 body cap lens!!

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