Friday, September 11, 2009

Now, Leica Also Has the Full Frame, Where's Pentax?

All just started with a new Kodak Full Frame CCD sensor (Yes, it's CCD, not CMOS)..

With the new Leica M9, all the excellent and superb old Leica M-mount lenses can be used as they were designed, immediately.

Now almost every classic SLR maker (Canon/Nikon/Minolta/Sony and now Leica) has their Full Frame cameras, where is Pentax? Still unable to find a Full Frame sensor? Unwilling to invest and also lack a Full Frame lens system currently?? Whilst everything shows that Samsung has already gone away for their own "Evil" project on the mirrorless APS-C NX, who will make a FF sensor for Pentax?

While Olympus also lacks the 135 FF, but one thing is for sure: They have recently gained big success for the truly niche product of the EP-1 in micro-4/3 format. So will the Pana GF1 too, I bet. Pentax then? Theirs are neither not practical FF system with higher Image Quality NOR the niche, more elegant and compact that will find a new market segment in which they comfortably seat in.

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