Monday, January 24, 2011

K-5 Sensor "Stains" Developing Over Time!?

See what our die-hard Pentaxian Mr. Mouse @ DPR has found and concluded!

So..!? Well, I have no more to say!! >:-( Now, it seems that it is Not a Quality Issue anymore, but just a latent design issue and/or manufacturing defect!

To verify whether this "sensor" problem of the K-5 has been resolved and completely eliminated or not, I've just checked the PF's "serial number database" of the K-5, it can be seen that the latest s/n and units are still affected! >:-[ E.g., see:-


Report of Re-appeared UFOs with Repaired/Replaced K-5 Unit! :-o

LiveView of the K-5 Creates UFOs / Pearls on Sensor?

K-5 Serial Numbers and Issues Summary

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