Tuesday, January 25, 2011

K-5 Low Light Front Focusing Issue - The SAFOX *Plus* System Simply Does NOT Work at all!

Many K-5 users have been complaining.. It seems that the Plus system did NEVER work at all! >:-(


The descriptions are clear and specific..

And now some old brand supporters have started to get disgusted, for example:-


Quoted, "FF was obvious. This camera is just about unusable as-is in shooting just about anything in normal to low room light.

There is NO WAY I can shoot this camera at an indoor wedding reception."

"I too keep hearing anecdotal reports of "perfect" K5 focusing, but frankly, I no longer believe any of them, as not a single one has posted any low light tests or images showing that they do not have significant FF at EV 2-4 light range."

"Go to the other forums and search for the Pentaxeros posts. He claims to be some sort of dealer that has tested many K5 bodies, and according to him, they all FF at EV 3-4, and Pentax allegedaly knows this and "is working on it"."

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