Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pentax Mirrorless Will be Smaller Than APS-C? (for its Sensor..)

Previously Photorumors have made the rumour.. It was told that the upcoming Pentax mirrorless would be called the "NC-1".

Today, someone says that the "NC-1" will be smaller than APS-C for its sensor (size). So, this would be a big disappointment if it is really true. Why buy a Pentax mirrorless if it is going to have an even smaller sensor? Why not simply get the proven and more mature micro-4/3 *system*?

It will be just a marketing suicide if this is going to be true! And that if "NC" actually stands for "No APS-C"!? ;-D

Anyway, just remember that all those are just *rumours*, nevertheless!

Last but not least, all the recent rumours don't support that the NC-1 will support the old K-mount lenses.

Besides, it is rumoured that Nikon is making an upper level "Pro" mirrorless, which will be somehow unique in the market:-


So, once again, as it has being said for more than ten years, Pentax is in danger! ;->

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