Friday, January 28, 2011

My New K-r Gold Limited & Kit! :-D

To support Pentax' slogan "To be Different", I bought this!

And the unboxing slideshow can be viewed here:-

Bought it directly from Japan from the Mapcamera at Rakuten. The communications with them were mostly seamless and they do read and write in good English in general, although it took a day or so to answer each set of enquiries. The offered prices are not very cheap, though but I think would be still acceptable..

In fact, they usually followed up matters and responded in positive and practical ways. This is in big contrast to what Pentax/Hoya for their usual attitude, whom never responded or just wrote in vague statements in short form with poor English. In fact, Pentax/Hoya could never live up to the same standard and actually did not even come close! >:-( So, when a local camera shop just communicate and provide services far better than a global "large" company like Hoya, that's just a big joke and what a pity it really is!!

Well, btw, does my new K-r just look quite alike to the two special edition cameras below? ;-D



More to come.. (Lens matching, measurbation, head-to-head shootouts and etc.! :-D) Stay tuned! :-D

Update for New Article:-

K-r Gold/Brown Limited Pentax Lens Matching

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