Thursday, September 02, 2010

K-x' Durability/Production Quality is Just a Joke!

That's what recently the various issues that Hinman has encountered with his beloved K-x White, see his latest report:-

The memory card unit of his unit was dead, the silver painting of the K-x rim peels off, the red SR label and logo got detached and lost "accidentally"! I do feel much for him indeed.

In fact, this is what I'd reported back to January for the same problem reported by another user. The case is not isolated actually, as the first black K-x unit I tested for my K-x review just suffered from the same:-

IIRC, Hin bought his unit just for about half year ago and so did mine which was bought close to that. How about my Navy Blue K-x then? Although I would say I am yet more fortunate than Hin, still, the Shiny Navy Blue coating are now getting off from the lower boundary of the RTF of my K-x!? Now, the wound can be the starting point for further peeling-off of the Navy Blue coat! I shall add some photos later to show the problem and for better illustration when I have the time. In view of the problem, I have just stopped using my K-x so as to prevent further "damage" to it and I shall head to the local Pentax service centre for asking for a rectification, hopefully a "permanent" remedial if there is any, which I shall insist and ask for!

Furthermore, I must tell that my K-x has actually been under very light use (as I have many cameras) and I do always take great care with any of my gear and clean them each time after use (with a gently wet soft towel and cleaned with clean water only). I have used my K-x for taking only three thousand something pictures. I just couldn't imagine the Navy Blue coating/painting is just so brittle and could get off like that!

Hoya/Pentax, how come you've made the Pentax cameras and bodies so vulnerable? Do you just think that they are toys but not photographic equipment?? >:-( When the cosmetics of the Pentax bodies are just so easily to break and peel off, what's the point of having 100 or 120 colours and "beautiful" choices? :-o (Not even to mention even the electronics are so easily to refuse to work anymore, just like Hin's camera!)

Last but not least, when I looked back, the "brittle" shiny coating of my Shiny K-x is not an isolated case, as this did happen with my brand new first Navy Blue K-x unit (for one position only, though) that was returned, owing to the serious Back Focusing issue, which I cured partially with the Debug mode myself but for infinity objects, the AF accuracy is yet affected, although it is just not so *easily noticeable*.

I hope not the coming K-R will suffer from the same problem, no matter how wonderful the new colours and appearance of the new body will be! In fact, I do always hope Hoya do review the common defects and reports and try their best to get rid of those in the coming new camera(s) and lens(es). But then history does tell and remind that they are not likely to act in a positive way, as we can see from the persistent SDM issue which is still received no response of any nor any real improvement in design/production up till now, even after so many years!

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