Thursday, September 06, 2012

The 9 Things That Are To Be Announced (Updated!)

The New Item
RH's Certainty Level
1. K-300
16MP old CMOS sensor used in K-01 and K-30, re-using the K-r body, i.e., penta-mirror at 0.85X and 96% coverage.
Close to 100%!
2. K-5N
16MP new CMOS sensor technology, new image processor, APS-C of course, 100% penta-prism finder at 0.92X, articulated screen, new 21-point (9-crossed, 12 linear) SAFOX X AF system, improved continuous tracking and zone focusing, 8 fps, improved video functions (with manual control and continuous AF option during video recording, very possibly).
Close to 100%!
3. K-3/K-3S*
*Name Tentative
24MP APS-C flagship, Sony IMX096 CMOS sensor, new image processor, newly designed 100% coverage 1X magnification penta-prism (equivalent to 0.65X at 50mm for 135), articulated screen, 21-point SAFOX X AF system, 6 fps, enhanced white balance detection, enhanced video functions, stereo microphone built-in. Version without AA filter to be marketed later in early 2013, targeted/suggested price set at 1,400 Euros. The K-3 Super will be the highest resolution APS-C camera body ever on Earth and would put almost all the existing Pentax lenses to death! ;-p
Close to 100%!
4. 645DII*/645DN*
*Name Tentative
New top-of-the-line Truesense (formerly Kodak) KAF-50100 51.6MP CCD sensor in 49.1 x 36.8mm (active pixels 50.1M), 645 film equivalent crop factor 1.1X (old 645D sensor was in 1.3X), improved image processing, SAFOX X, increased 60,000 shutter actuations/life (rated), other minor improvements, no video function, of course! :->
Close to 100%!
5. DA 18-200/3.5-5.6 WR DC
Product is self-explanatory for its name, kit lens option with the K-3.
6. DA560/5.6
3 sections dividable, simplified weather resistant, new-type in-lens motor with quick-shift manual focus overriding capability, built-in astro-tracking, set price at US$3,800, manufactured only upon special ordering.
7. DFA645 90/2.8
Its name is self-explanatory, for portraiture.
8. AF600FGZNew flagship flashgun, finally, simplified Weather Resistant!80%+
9. O-GPS2
Updated/improved version of the O-GPS1

The next generation K-0x camera system and concept with retracted rear lens element/greatly shorten/reduced back focus register distance will be on display at the Photokina. Besides, minor revisions to the current Pentax lens roadmaps will be provided.

As for the Pentax Full Frame body, it is yet under development and some old FA*/FA lenses are being re-worked (with a new design of the kit zoom, too). Ricoh has also been quite cautious to decide whether it should be launched earlier or not, i.e., to be later. But it is planned that the FF DSLR should be ready to come within 2013, in about one-year's time. Give them some time, for users like me that have been waiting for nine years since the *ist D (and that I still have 14 original Pentax full-frame lenses ready and just missing ONE K-mount FF body alone!), why not just wait for another one more year? >:-| ;-)

For those who are saying/thinking that they have urgent and essential need for a Full Frame body and system right now, my suggestion is to switch to or additional invest on a Canon (just like me) or Nikon system (and their "cheap" FF bodies are coming also), or even Sony for their upcoming A99 SLT, as you will not see a Pentax FF in the foreseeable near future!

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