Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Product Photos of the AF360FGZII Flash and the Q Body Cap Pinhole Lens

(in Japanese)

Note that the body cap pinhole lens is NOT a REAL Pinhole lens as there is glass/optics inside the hole! It is because owing to the really small-sized sensor of the Q, it is not possible to make a small enough hole to produce a sharp enough image but at the same time to observe the diffraction limit before everything is yet blurred much again! :-o

Last time I tried, I made a pinhole K-mount body cap lens myself, see the photos below:-

And it works, which will give you toy like images that a classical pinhole (film) camera could give! Life is easier with DSLR, though, as I did always set to ISO 1600 or above when used with my pinhole lens, on my K-x! >:-(

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