Tuesday, August 06, 2013

First Quarter Financial Results of Ricoh

See the Q1 financial report here:


with the summary fact sheet here:


Via: Kakaku forum post here.

(All of above are in Japanese.)

Below are excerpts of camera business related statements as directly copied from Google Translator:

- "Optical business has remained strong, such as FA camera." (Remark: Ricoh FA camera series is their security CCTV line.)

- "For the same period last year, operating income has been a significant increase in 800 million yen. The structural reforms on an ongoing basis in the future proceed through, we will strive to improve profits further."

-  "At 37.8 billion yen net sales, sales increased by 7%. Lease finance business to expand sales steadily. Camera business also started to contribute, together with, has been started to expand sales."

- "6 Billion Operating profit, it does not profit contribution be completely still. Rather than camera business, finance and business is, it is due to upfront investment in new businesses and other related."

In fact, all those statements about the camera business are vague and there is no real figure of any disclosed and published. Instead, the stance of restructuring of the camera business unit is clearly stated. On the other hand, it can be seen in the report that the operating profit and margin of the photocopier business of Ricoh, i.e, their core business, is steady, which is about 7.6 to 7.7% for the first quarter in each financial year, namely, the current and the last one.

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