Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Different) Optical Constructions of the Four DA18-55 Zoom Lenses

Source: (in Simplified Chinese)

1. Original DA18-55 - 12 Elements in 9 Groups, One Aspherical Element:

2. DA18-55II - 11 Elements in 8 Groups, One ED (Extra Low Dispersion) Element:

3. DA18-55WR - 11 Elements in 8 Groups, One Aspherical Element and One ED Element:

4. DAL18-55 - 11 Elements in 8 Groups, No Aspherical nor ED Element of Any:

After all, it seems that the optical formula and construction of the DA18-55WR should be the best. On the other hand, the optical design of the DAL18-55 is a cutting corner one, which should perform worst. Not even to mention about the cutting corner build of the DAL, which adopts a plastic mount and the quick shift focus mechanism is removed altogether.

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