Monday, August 19, 2013

Pentax TidBits 8-19

1. DA50/1.8 is on sales, for the US users only, at $120:

Btw, is it really cheap? Just compare it with the similar offers from Canon and Nikon! One thing is for sure anyway, the original set price of $249 is just ridiculous!

2. DC Watch has reviewed the DA560, with various full samples posted, taken with a K-5IIs:
(in Japanese)

I am really not impressed with the IQ of this combo. The colour rendition is terrible. Images lack contrast. The broken pixel "sharpness" of the K-5IIs images also look rather odd to my eyes.

3. A Pentax joke posted at the Pentax Forums:

Guys, let's take some humours! :-D

4. Making your own Pentax digital FF DIY:
(in Traditional Chinese)

Now, the Pentax FF dream finally comes true! ;-p

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