Saturday, August 24, 2013

The A Mount Seems to be Aborted, Will K Mount (Ricoh) Follow?

See what Sony Alpha Rumors report lately:

(SR5) First image of the new ILC-3000 (A3000 in Japan). 230K LCD and 1,44 Million dot EVF.

So, possibly this will soon mark the end of the A-mount lens line as there will be no more new A-mount body. For all those excellent Minolta A-mount lenses, the old users must use them via an adaptor and Sony will be a mirrorless brand from now on.

After all, will the Pentax K-mount get the same fate? There was a rumour about this before. In view of Ricoh has done no development of any on the K-mount lenses during these two years something, that might be possibly true, or if not Pentax the brand is to be trashed.

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