Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Miss the PENTAX Green Rings and LOGO on Lenses! >:-(

We all have learnt what Ricoh has done to Pentax recently, SMC was replaced further and the Pentax logo was removed from the name plates of the repackaged DA Limited lenses! And, a Ricoh GXR coloured red ring replaces the symbolic green rings of our Pentax DA lenses..!

Pretending Zeiss lenses? Marked "Aperture / Focal" something, instead of marking "Focal / Aperture" (which is the common convention of the industry) and particularly not "Pentax / Focal" which has been done for over twenty years for all PENTAX AF lenses since early 90s! Again, Ricoh's intention is clear, Pentax will be extinguished step-by-step and some days later this name will be removed completely and they (Ricoh) will get their final "success"! >:-o

N.B. All lenses above are mine and these images are completely copyrighted by me - All rights reserved!

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