Sunday, October 09, 2011

No More New Pentax Product in 2011 (Hearsay)

The Salon de la Photo in Paris has passed, but it is confirmed that there was nothing new announced, against what had been previously teased.

A PF poster writes that he has had a dialogue with a representative of Pentax France. The following are quoted:-

"- The print on the invitation about a new product was a simple mistake.
- There will be no new product this year.
- There will be maybe something new in January, but we don't have to worry about waiting until Photokina.
- The Pentax camera division will not merge with the Ricoh camera division in the coming year."

So, it is heard and told that there will be no more new Pentax product this year. As for the first response, I just won't believe it! >:-[ How that error could be made so "unintentionally"? I think this would be simply a lie to hide something because of possibly a late change in decision making / marketing strategy or that has been under review by Ricoh and some previous set plan(s) has(have) been withheld.

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