Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's Not Forget the Prominent History of Asahi Pentax (Re: Pentax 67 and 645)

While Ricoh continues to ricohize the Pentax camera and lenses (recent examples here, here and here) and dwarf the name of "Pentax" (instead of strengthening it further!), I am glad to see someone still remember Pentax the brand and is yet making a product with the old genuine brand name of Asahi "Pentax" and here it is!

I have got one and found that the textile quality is good and it looks cool. Below are two snapshots with my 645N SLR camera (taken with my *Pentax* K-5 + DA35):

Btw, the original Pentax 6x7, together with the original Pentax 645, are recognised as one of the milestone cameras of Pentax by AOHC whilst my 645N is recognised as a masterpiece. So, why not a 645 T-shirt also? Besides, I would want more colours of the T-shirt instead of only that light cyan colour for the background to "select" from, nonetheless.


True Fanboyism!

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