Sunday, October 06, 2013

My First Leaked K-3 Specs Confirmed

The secret Pentax insider source of Digicame Info striked finally, here we go:
(in Japanese)

Btw, most of the latest leaked information are the same as what I first leaked back to two weeks ago. Below are what's new and in addition:

- Optical low pass filter simulation by sensor shifting, three settings: Strong, Weak and Off;
- 27-point SAFOX 11: 25 cross AF sensors, central 3 with f/2.8 AF sensitivity;
- Continuous shooting rate at 8.3 fps maximum;
- Dual SDXC/UHS-I compliance SD card slots;
- HDR saved in RAW;
- 200k actuation life-time shutter;
- Supply in Silver and Black colours;
- Flucard compatible;
- New D-BG5 - dedicated grip solely for K-3.

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