Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Colour Scheme of the K-r Would You Choose?

As we all knew, there is a simulator at the place:-

I turned out to choose two "special" colour combinations as below! ;-D

Well, are they exceptional?? ;-) Do you like the *Frog* at the right? Prince of Frog, btw? Lol..

Disclaimer and Warning: Don't play too much with the simulator, you will be tempted to buy one yourself after that! If you just don't know how to order the special colour combination you have "decided", read thoroughly my this previous guide* (for the K-x).

* Remark / Note: Now Tenso does NOT ship *any* Lithium battery owing to some security concern and local regulations as imposed. This would not be a major issue with the K-x as it uses just ordinary AAs but for the K-r, it would be a major concern and issue that you are to deal with, e.g., you may ask your Japanese dealer if price could be deducted for not having the proprietary battery delivered and eventually you can buy one yourself locally.

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