Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Semiconductor/Imager Fabs and the Earthquake (and the End of the World, as It Could Be!)

I have seen people of the photo community have been worrying about the cease of production of the Sony (and Canon) sensors and imagers after the big earthquake. One of the readers at the Image Sensors World Blog has actually made an analysis and a nice summary on the situation. See the following location map of the major fabrication facilities in Japan:-

Btw, the Sony factories are all at the very southern part in the Japan main island and territory. But however, since now the radioactive particles have been flying in the sky all over Japan now and the emission has been increasing. This is somehow yet another disaster to Japan and actually to the Earth. As the half-life of those radioactive raw materials could be as short as 30 years. I think the soil of the Japanese main island would inevitably be polluted and the health of the people who live there are seriously endangered.

In fact, the Japanese government should allow the assistance from the US government for the cooling of their nuclear plants in the very beginning, which the US offered, but not only at the current stage, which could avoid this terrible disaster to happen. In fact, the foreign medias have started to doubt that the Japanese government had some secrets to hide which they just do not want to disclose these in the course of stopping the nuclear crisis if US is involved.

When one tragedy is happened one after another and the following one is more serious than the previous, this is really rather sad. Indeed the nuclear leakage is partially caused by human but not solely a natural disaster, which only triggered it. It has far more prolonged effect and more serious impacts even than the terrible earthquake and tsunami, which just happened "one-off". Sometime, we just have to sigh, stupid mankind is just the one who will destroy themselves at the end of the days when we or our predecessors will extinct eventually, just because of that we destroy the world and kill ourselves as a result! >:-(

Lastly, I just want to ask our buddies who have worried much just about the production of photo gear, what to worry about actually when the Earth will be destroyed and human cannot live on it anymore?! :-o Yes, the sky is falling! Yes, it is! +_+

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