Friday, March 04, 2011

Two Yet Unresolved Major Issues of the K-5

See what the PF has told us lately:-

To avoid any reading problem that may arise as a result of deletion of the page later on by the the PF guys for whatever reason(s) of their own as they did it for many times before, I have immediately captured the page for our future reference! :-D =V=

So, the really "good news" is that 26% of the K-5 units purchased in February 2011 in the survey still had the sensor stained. Yep, what a "good news" it is!? :-o >:-(

Frankly and IMHO, for such fatal quality issue and factory defect, I would regard 1% of the defect is simply too much! 26% a "promising results"? My Pardon, Adam?! What?

As for the confirmed K-5 AF lower light out-focusing issue (and actually exactly the same happens to the K-r as well), now PF tells that a new firmware is to be released. I have no doubt about the trustworthiness of this "rumour" as PF is actually very close to official Pentax source (i.e. the Pentax Imaging) to know it. But the big doubt is whether Pentax will be able to cure all those problems simply by a software solution and update. IF Pentax was able to do it, they did it long ago and had done it right for the first time in the beginning. Anyway, I don't think it is purely a software issue, but should be a latent design problem after all.

As for the PF website nowadays, it is not surprised to see Ads are anywhere at their pages. But the funniest thing is that it advertises Nikon and Canon gear at the side bar. Oh, this must be the ultimate goal of the Pentax Forums by now, I bet, i.e., to promote the gear of other more popular and famous brands and to earn more money as possible! :-D (As undoubtedly those C and N gear will have more sales and hence there will be more clicks and then more Ad revenues!)

When we look back when the PF was established and what was told by its founder for its goal and nature, it is really very rather ironic after all! >:-[

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